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Wiffle Golf - Golf course design & build, branding, website.

Wiffle Golf is a little known game that seems to have originated in North America. Slurpp partnered with Architectural designer Mike Findlater to create the UK’s very first Wiffle golf course in Dundee. The game is fairly simple played in a woodland area with 1 club and 1 ball. You have scramble up banks and navigate the landscape in order to complete the course in our case it's 9 holes.

Canadian inspiration

I first came across Wiffle golf was out in Canada when I spent some time in Whistler. I came across the game after speaking to some of the locals and finding out the rather secluded location of one of the courses. Even when I approached the location and headed into the trees I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Suddenly a whole hidden world appeared with holes all around me integrated into the woodland landscape.

You will need 1 lofty golf club, something like a pitching wedge or sand wedge and a plastic practice ball (also known as a Wiffle ball). The rules are simple:

Each player takes 1 shot per hole from the tee, with the aim of getting it in the hole.

Points are awarded based upon where the ball lands:
- In the hole: 2 points
- On the green: 1 point
- In a hazard: -1 point
- Anywhere else: 0 points

It’s a pretty low scoring game but the winner is the player with the most points at the end.

The course build

We constructed our course materials and we managed to create our course for free thanks to the generosity of 
With help from local charity, The Dighty Connect, we managed to find a location in the Douglas area to begin building our course. All the materials for constructing the tees and greens like astroturf and wooden palettes were sourced for free from local businesses.

After creating the course we had an amazing response from the media and were featured on TV, radio, local and national newspapers. After the buzz around the first course we'd love to build more. It really is a great way to get people out and about exploring green spaces in a whole new way. You only need a club and a ball to play and the course is absolutely free. 

To find out the location of the course and more details about how we built it head on over to the website. If you'd like to get help building one of your own then please get in touch.

Visit the website

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