Device, to cloud, to you.

M2M Cloud - Branding, Illustration, UX, Design, Development.

The Internet of Things is a relatively new discipline connecting every day objects together to bring us a smarter world. M2M Cloud have been working in this field for over 10 years providing vehicle tracking and asset monitoring among many other services. They approached Slurpp to create a whole new brand and web presence to illustrate their business. 

A whole new brand

M2M Cloud were looking for a style that was bold and confident but still tied them to their roots in technology. During the rebrand we went through many iterations of the logos and stylings until we created something everyone was happy with. In the end we opted for something very clean and simple for the typography and a sensor representation for the brand mark.

M2M Cloud's brand values are based around complex technology made simple and accessible. We wanted that to be reflected in the tone and style of the copy, using large lettering in short bursts to give impact. Bebas Neue works really well for this and still has a slightly technological feel with it's elongated form. This is complimented by a very simple secondary font and a flat but bold colour palette.

Scrolling Illustration

M2M Cloud offer a vast range of services and the majority of them operate seamlessly in the environment around you. In order to explain their offering we decided to create a microcosm environment in an isometric style. We began by wireframing and then adding more detail and complexity as well as testing other visual aspects like line weights and colours. In the prototyping and build phase we crafted the animations to make the illustration feel like a living, breathing world.

Responsive as standard

Every website that we create is built to work across any screen size no matter what your devices your users have. The animations alone on this website,  are definitely worth seeing, go and check them out for yourself.

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