Photo, palette, watch face.

Faces - UX, Design, App Development, Androidwear.

Wearables are bridging the gap between technology and fashion so it’s a natural progression to customise your smart watch based on what you're wearing. With Faces it’s simple: take a photo, we analyse it and create a colour palette for you. You can then try out hundreds of combinations on your watch face in real time.

Simplicity brings beauty

Too much choice is bad for the user and leads to complicated bloated interfaces. Just think how many times you've been overwhelmed by what to watch on Netflix. Give users enough creative freedom to play within certain parameters to ensure a beautiful output. With simplicity in mind we've created 4 custom Faces for launch, each with a unique timing mechanism and a maximum of 3 colours. 

Become a beta tester

Faces is almost ready to go into the Beta testing phase. If you have an Android phone and an Androidwear Smart Watch then get in touch and we'll get you to test out our app before anyone else.

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