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Dundee Design Festival - UX & Design.

Dundee is currently going through a transformation, become a design led city and having the spotlight on the new V&A Museum being built. It’s a really exciting time to be here and the inaugrual Dundee Design Festival has been created to showcase all the amazing talent. A combination of talks, events, exhibitions and gatherings of creatives will take place between the 25th and 28th of May.

The festival's identity and striking pattern above was created by Lyall Bruce , a studio buddy of ours at Fleet Collective. Slurpp was tasked with bring the identity to life on line and creating a brochure site to house all the details of the festival.

An interactive pattern

The pattern was inspired by the landscape and characteristics of Dundee and it has now started popping up everywhere from building sized banners to screen prints and custom made t-shirts. It was essential that the online experience featured the pattern heavily but we wanted to add a more playful and interactive element to it. The header area of the new website is randomly generated from all the blocks of the pattern. Users can hover or tap each of these blocks to make it animate. This really helps bring the pattern to life and every time the page is loaded it's completely unique.

The Dundee Design Festival ran between the 25th - 28th May this year. If you want to see what went on, you can check out the link below. If you didn't manage to make it aong this year there's always the next one in 2016.

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