A creative director whenever you need one.

Critiquethatsh.it - Branding, UX, Design.

Creative directors are often a source of frustration for designers as they’re never there when you need them. What if you could have one that’s on demand and online whenever you needed them? Simply input the URL of your work and receive beautifully crafted audio feedback on your designs. Headphones and a pinch of salt are recommended.

The curse of feedback

The idea came out of a frustrated discussion between a couple of designers and developers around attaining feedback. So what if you could get feedback that was nearly always positive? We teamed Google voice with a whole database of finely hand crafted from previous experiences and wonderful feedback. With a couple of wildcards thrown in there too.

Critique some shit!

The whole project was created as a side-project for a bit of fun but we ended up having over 50,000 visitors to the site and we won a One Page Love award. Side projects are an integral part of how we work at Slurpp. It's really important to create time to be able to play with new ideas and technology and then launch it to the world.