Splitting pixels.

Chvrches - UX, Design.

To coincide with the launch of their debut album, Every Open Eye, Chvrches wanted to release an innovative way for their fans to preview their new album. Slurpp was asked to provide the User Experience and Design work for the online experience. We gamified the reveal of the album cover using user interaction while listening to previews of new Chvrches tracks.

An addictive experience

When you first open the website there is a very simple coloured background but as you start to interact with the page it starts to morph and change colours. The website is built to split blocks of colour everytime there are hovered or tapped. So after some furious scrolling or tapping you start to reveal the whole image underneath. It’s a really satisfying and somewhat addictive interaction as you start to uncover elements of the image and all this is soundtracked by the preview of a great album.

Go try it for yourself