An audio reactive experience.

Chemical Brothers - UX, Design.

Off the back of their award winning tour in 2015 The Chemical Brothers launched their 8th album. They wanted an online experience to mirror their amazing live visualisations and celebrate the launch of Born in the Echoes. Slurpp was brought in to help craft that experience and provide the Design and User Experience work. The site uses audio reactive Web GL animations to accompany the latest tracks.

Headphones required

The website's goal was to create an immersive experience for fans to enjoy as they previewed the tracks form the latest album. What better way of combining visuals with audio than to make it audio reactive? As you change tracks and manipulate the abstract visualisation in the background it is also adapating to the beat in real time. We were also honoured that the site was awarded the accolade of FWA site of the day.

A lifetime of content

The Chemical Brothers have an amazing back catalogue and we wanted to allow users to plug into that. So we created the Chemhistory: A timeline documenting the entire back catalogue with previews of each track. We also created a section to allow fans to create their own best of the Chemical Brothers playlists and then export it to their own Spotify. You can try it all for yourself on the website.