A whole new approach to games publishing.

All 4 Games - Illustration, UX, Design.

Channel 4 recently formed a games publishing arm designed to help independent producers and designers harness the media power of Channel 4. To explain this whole new approach to games publishing Channel 4 need a website to help tell their story to the world. Together with a few other members of the Fleet Collective, Slurpp provided User Experience, User Interface and Visual Design expertise to help implement the scrolling experience. 

After research and ideation it's always time to move on to wireframes. These are rough layouts with an idea of the content required in order to see how everything comes together. These rough visuals can then be put into a prototyping tool to give you an idea of how it will move and feel within a browser. For this project in particular prototyping really helped us test the scale for each of the layouts across multiple devices.

Developing the style

Working along side Lyall Bruce we created a fun and inviting style that had a unique identity but still had ties to the overall Channel 4 colour palette. We took all the technical details and new aspects of the business and brought it to life using fun illustrations and animations. The app icon characters really helped bring to humanise a lot of the animated elements and allowed us to tell the story in much more compelling way.

Responsive solution

It was essential that the site worked across all device sizes, this posed a few challenges in terms of reformatting illustrations and animations but the end result was a seamless scrolling site. 

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