We've always felt that It's really important to share the knowledge you pick up along the way. That's why we put together a load of free guides and content to help you improve your design practice. You should also check out @madebyslurpp on twitter and read the Made by Slurpp Blog for more hints, tips and what we're up to right now.

Creative CV guide

No potential employer wants to read a boring CV. Here's some tips and tricks on how to design a CV that will help you stand out and a whole bunch of other things you need to consider when applying for jobs.

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60 tips for designers

This is motivational tool comprised of thoughts and insights about design, work, life and a few other things. It's great as a pick me up when you're going through a tough patch. 

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Read the blog

Our Medium Blog is full of a range of design related articles. We go into more depth about project processes, give insight about what's happening in the industry and sometimes just a good old fashioned moan.

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Resources for designers

The internet is a vast expanse of really helpful resources for digital designers the trouble is finishing them. That's why we've put together a list of great sites to get free fonts, icons, vectors and a whole load more.

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Exporting for the web

Every digital designer should know how to export their work for screen and it can be a slightly confusing process. Learn how to export pngs, jpgs, gifs and different times that you shoudl use each one in this handy little guide.

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