I'm Ryan McLeod and I run Slurpp, a design studio based in Dundee, Scotland. We focus on creating beautiful and meaningful digital experiences that help our clients solve their problems.

Our process in 3 simple steps


The best way to solve someone’s problems is by getting to know them and their business first. It’s really important for us to sit down over a coffee and discuss how Slurpp can utilise design thinking and digital technology to make you something awesome.

Every great project is built upon a great brief, that’s why it’s really important that we define this together to create a clear direction and set of goals.


We've got a big digital toolbox and a wide range of skills to ensure we create an end product that works for you and your customers. Identifying the right output is key: should it be a website? an app? printed materials? a social media campaign? What sorts of technology will we use? What visual style will work best? Once we establish all this it's time to roll up the sleeves and get sketching, wire-framing and prototyping.


Designing and building beautiful digital experiences is our speciality. In the execution phase we craft your final product from the ground up, taking fully rendered visuals and prototypes through to something ready to share with the world. Attention to detail is key and that's why we spend a lot of time crafting the finer details like interaction points, animations and transitions to create a seamless experience.